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Dubai Saxophone Entertainment at its best!

‘Paul is the cream of the crop in Dubai delivering interactive, animated and chic SAXOPHONE PERFORMANCE

Here you will find information, pictures and videos of Paul Spaccavento. His current mission is all about Premium Dubai Saxophone Entertainment. This includes performances in Bars, Clubs and Hotels as well as for Corporate, Wedding and Private events.

Dubai Saxophone projects Paul is involved in include Solo Saxophone, Jazz Groups and Dj Sax projects that cross musical genres.You can be entertained by many of Dubai’s other great live musicians right here in the music section.

Some of these Dubai Saxophone projects include The Well Swung Live Jazz Band, Dubai’s best Jazz Pop group, playing classics and new standards all with a stylish twist. This group is available as a Trio, Quartet, Quintet and can be further expanded to include a full horn section with saxophones, trumpets and trombones.

The Chapter 3 Live Jazz Band is Dubai’s premium Jazz Trio playing Classic Jazz repertoire that will bring a touch of class to any event. They regularly play at weddings, corporate events, hotel and bars and are well known for their personal interaction with patrons. The vocalist and saxophonist can often be seen roaming between tables greeting and entertaining guests for a front row entertainment experience.

Dubai Saxophone performances also include solo, duo, trio and quartet performances in with varying instrument arrangements. This includes ensembles with saxophone and piano, violin, harp, guitar, trumpet, oud, canoon, and even with Djs. Working independently, with event companies and entertainment agencies live saxophone performance can be performed at virtually any any event.