Hire a professional saxophone performer for your event

Do you wish to arrange a live saxophone performance to add a special musical touch to your event? Perhaps you need a relaxed and also sophisticated ambience for welcoming guests? Hire a proficient saxophone performer, a saxophonist, to add a musical element to your party.

Whether you want to listen to a solo Jazz performance, some funk or soul or a more eclectic mix of styles including a full rock n’ roll band, the saxophone is a versatile instrument so the musical possibilities are diverse. A skilled performance will certainly add to the success of your event not only by adding an entertaining element but by setting the ambience and tone so guests are aware of the nature of the event.

Fits your budget

Since the saxophone is such a versatile instrument having it as an element in your entertainment can be matched to your budget. Small budget? Go for a solo performer. Looking for something to dance with but still limited on the budget? A saxophonist coupled with a dj is a great way to satisfy all your guests. Looking for the greatest wedding band of all time? Line-up a 10-piece band including a singer and saxophonist for a truly spectacular show. Since the saxophone is so versatile it is appropriate to hear it as a soloist instrument, within duo’s trios and larger groups.

Lively interaction with the audience

Good saxophone performers are not only known for their virtuosity, dexterity, great tone and solids chops. They tend to seek some further kind of connection with the audience. You often see them roaming from one table to another to greet the audience, show cordial gestures and perform for them their own private show. We are all familiar with the sight of an 80’s saxophonist leaning back in a sundry of exalted screams and a wails; Saxophone in the air there’s no doubt it connects. Cheesy? Yes but we all love it.

Customized Service

Do you have any particular tune in mind? Do you want to determine the pace of music for your party? Any theme or particular topic you will highlight at your event? Due to the versatility of the saxophone in the hands of a skilled performer the pace and volume that you desire can be achieved.

Wide array of music

The music chosen for your party must be able to highlight the tempo of your occasion. Many occasions only require some appropriate background. Music covered is indeed wide ranging, thereby appealing to audiences of different age groups and demographics. The more typical musical repertoire for the saxophone includes the Jazz Standards, Bebop, more modern forms like hard-bop /post-bop, funk, soul and even 80’s era Pop music. This being said music is almost evolving and a common sight these days is to see a saxophonist in a club going wild over a dj’s deep and soulful house tracks. What else is in store for the saxophone in the future? Some good examples of typical saxophone repertoire can be viewed and heard here. This is just a brief introduction there is so much good saxophone music out there.

Record the performance for future

Do you wish to record the performance to listen to the music in future? A technically savvy performer can potentially help you with this. For acoustic instruments a condenser microphone works well for recording a saxophone. That and a small DAT recorder is an easy and simple solution to capture a performance forever. With the onset of modern Digital Audio Workstations such as Protools, Logic and Ableton Live many musicians now have the capacity to make studio quality recordings easily and const effectively. Be sure to ask your saxophonist if this may be the case with them. Keep in mind the process of professionally recording, editing and mixing music can be demanding and time consuming so expect to pay a fair fee for such work.

Well rehearsed

With multiple saxophone performers available in the marker, choosing a performer is not an easy task. Before choosing a player you should listen to few audio examples of the performer and also watch some video samples. It is vital that you be satisfied with the expertise, style and repertoire of the performer before you make your final decision. Most players also allow you to attend his or her live performances to judge the ability of their performance in a live context. You can also ask your the performer to provide references that can vouch for his or her expertise. Another option is to ask your colleagues or your friends in your locality who have already hired saxophone performers in past. Nothing is better then a personal reference, other then viewing the performance yourself. Whichever performer you choose you’re most likely in for a treat. Good luck in your pursuit of an entertaining saxophonist enjoy the performance.